Greetings. This site is primarily about being crazy about sailboats and being on the water.

"Moby Dick" was designed and built by my grandfather Maurice Chapin and is like no other sailboat that you've ever seen. It might also be the fastest- check out the 1938 hurricane article.

"Aurora" is a copy of a 1898 Herreshoff 15 that my brother Scott and I built with our own modifications. Still one of the most beautiful boats on Narragansett Bay.

"misc photos" are just that. I've posted some of my favorite photographs in this section.

"Azura" is my 1980 Kelly Peterson 44 cutter. I found the boat in the fall of 2005 and did a 3 year refitting. We sail her out of Little Allen’s Harbor, Rhode Island.

My family has been most supportive. I would like to thank my wife Susan for putting up with a lot, my sister Virginia and husband Rick for turning their house into a warehouse, my brother Scott and wife Juli for forcing me to keep up, my mother for the breakfast service, and my father for the gene that says that you can never have too many boats.

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